copnoiseecFormed in 2006, Noise Emission Control are a formidable four piece. With a blend of hardcore, hard rock and an old school punk vibe all thrown together to create a highly charged, self-released EP titled “Desordre et Mepres” which roughly translates to disorder and contempt. Given the usual anti-establishment nature which old school Punk was known for, and for what is common in the hardcore genre, it certainly makes for a very fitting subject matter for those across the channel. With relentless live performances and plenty of shows under their belt, let’s see if we can see how much noise this lot can make in fifteen minutes or less!

From the off, this is a fast one! “Hurlez” (Yell) opens the musical offering up and the most notable thing is how hard it hits. Tight palm muting in the verse gives way to liberal sound in the choruses, creating some good dynamics whilst the drums and bass thunder away uninhibited. The booming bass, combined with the tight drums, intense guitars and pretty aggressively delivered vocals (sang all in French, so I am pretty much stumped at what they’re singing!), it’s a real statement of intent if there was one!

It doesn’t stop there though. “L’An Pire” (The Worst Year) presumably offers a look at just how shit 2016 has been in terms of the number of dickheads there are currently breathing and doing things which dickheads do. Short in length but certainly not in the quality department, it’s another highly charged and energetic track which really taps into the punk influences and the title track which follows comes in hot right after it. “Desordre et Mepris” (Disorder And Contempt) has more of a heavy rock feel to it. Well paced in terms of the delivery, it’s not as intense as the opening two tracks, but it keeps that hard hitting musical edge about it. Groove laden from start to finish with some real deep and sweet bass tones and a solid offering from the drums and guitars, it’s a decent enough musical track, but the vocals don’t quite match up to the bar set by the music.

“Computer” brings the pace and energy back. Speeding things up once more, this time with the punkish hard and loose approach, it hits hard, fast and raw with some real attitude laden vocals and a solid offering from the rhythm section, paving the way for “Le Style” (The Style) to bring it home. With some seriously booming bass and hook laden riffs, it has a real infectious nature to it with plenty of thunder and kick in the delivery which is a real solid way to end the release.

Overall, this noisy lot aren’t that bad. Musically tight, hard hitting and energetic, they have some real great moments across this short musical offering, but the short length does mean it can be a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ when you give this a spin. With a sound similar to their fellow hard rock/stoner rock countrymen Headcharger, this lot certainly have the potential to make a lot more noise before people even think about controlling it.

(6.5/10 Fraggle)