mystonsNot to be confused with the things out of ‘Captain Scarlet’, this is Finnish duo Mystons, sailing into view with their fifth album ‘Destination Death’.

Recorded mostly live with minimal overdubs, drummer John Myston and vocalist/guitarist Mauri Myston have crafted a doomy and fuzzy delight, focusing on thoughts of inevitable death.

A leviathan of down-tuned ocean faring soul bearing.

…And it’s as catchy as hell.

A maelstrom of Big Business meets System Of A Down madness, with the jangle of opening track ‘The End Of Days’ giving way to a tidal wave of fuzz. The vocals may seem a little deranged at first, but you’ll fall hook, line and sinker for the harmonies and choruses, and who can resist a song that contains the lyrics “Their hearts beat Boom, Boom, Boom/ While my heart hammers Doom, Doom, Doom”.

Sure, the Mystons are a metal band, but there’s enough gnarled alternative goodness to keep things interesting.

The drone and sludge of ‘Can’t Tame The Demon In Me’ casts out another killer vocal hook, while cuts such as ‘Hand Of Doom’ and ‘Ocean Of Pain’ deliver chugs-a-plenty, and sheer weighty power.

…Remember that bit in QOTSA’s ‘No One Knows’ that’s used waaaay too briefly? Well, take such a massive riff, and make an entire song out of it. That my friends, is ‘King Of Pain’.

But Mystons don’t just blast and plunder on ‘Destination Death’, they also ballad your barnacles off with ‘Death Becomes Your Bride’ and ‘What Will You Do When It’s Time To Die?’.

The latter track reaching grandiose Rammstein-ian proportions.

This leaves the Blue Oyster Cult vibe of ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to (literally) shut the door on our journey of brilliantly packaged nautical bombast and Gothic introspection.

Does this watery beast hold the answers to life and death?

…Just load it into your CD player, and enjoy the ride.

(8.5/10 Stuart Carroll)