headlesskrossMy first question… Isn’t that just a T???


This Glaswegian trio comprises of Derek Sexton (Bass /Vocals), Tommy Duffin (Guitar) & Jonny Montgomery (Drums) & the music they make is anything but fast and cheery. Thankfully there are only 4 tracks to this sonic deployment of misery, even though they clock in at a minimum of 8 minutes each to make certain they drive their message home. Now this review is written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, which I’m sure the artists shall get, even if everyone else doesn’t.

The opening squeal on “Does Not Equal Time” is of guitar static, joined by a very buzzy detuned and sludgy sounding bass before some cymbals are mercilessly beaten alongside a slow lumbering snare tempo. Derek’s vocals are harsh, abrasive & slowly dragged out. At around the midpoint of the song they double-time & everything just sounds so much more upbeat, but only compared to itself mind you.

“Practical Mental Effects” starts on the same shrieking note the previous song started on too, but this time it’s joined by an anguished roar before the guitars shed away layers of any happiness I may have been feeling as the half-time drumming saps my will to live. Even its lead has a morose quality that perfectly suits this dreary wet day.

The aural assault that is “Church Of The Fifth Season” would probably be more interesting to watch happen live than to listen to, as it sounds like they are tuning their instruments on a slow moving train for the first third. Once they get going however, the discordant riffs follow the drums along masterfully as the wall of bass carries it forward like an army of marching oliphaunts.

The bass is the highlight of “The Map Is Not The Territory” as everything else just has to fall in line & follow. The vocals are tinged with anxiety with their slightly higher pitched wails of terror before culminating in the static fuzz that is the outro.

While I may be into doom & doom-death, this has taken the slow to a new level & I guess that while it’s excellently delivered, I probably wouldn’t be able to give it too many listens before wanting to move onto something very upbeat & happy, like My Dying Bride. That said, give ’em a listen, as this is just the first of a three part album, with the rest being released over the next year for your misery & woe.

(6/10 Marco Gaminara)