belligerentintentFrom Melbourne, Australia, Belligerent Intent are a pummelling death metal band with a few black metal interludes included for a sense of the dark side. Now including ex-Bezerker/Akercocke guitarist Matt Wilcock, the level of technical ability is pretty special, even for modern times where everyone seems to be at this game!

The drums are thunderous, very fast, the opener ‘Repent the Flesh’ is a powerhouse, although I am not convinced by the kick drum sound, it’s a touch too perfect and fast in places to be organic, but that remains to be known personally. But hey, then you get immersed into this release the style doesn’t matter, the energy that exists shines through. Speaking of which, the thunderbolt hammering that greets you from the start of ‘Tortured Redeemer’ is pretty breath taking. It reminds me of early Braindrill material, precise, up tempo and very hard hitting. Choppy and punchy guitar riffs go hand in hand with the drum assault. It’s the drumming that actually appeals to your more sinister side on this album as it’s pretty relentless. The song arrangements take a touch of time to get into, well for me anyway.

Of extreme death metal albums, this is on par with the highlights of the sub-genre. I haven’t found much that steps outside of the box but what it found here is technically perfect. The arrangements suit the style and from start to finish you get a technical death metal aural battering. A strong proficient release over time.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)