biggunsApparently this grizzled saddletramp of an EP is something lurking in the collective psyches of Goatpsalm/Frozen Ocean’s Vaarwel and ‘Postie’ who I know significantly less about, something they felt the need to saddle up and ride out on. Their Bandcamp page also describes it as ‘comedy death metal metal death ‘n’ roll grindcore’. Enough to have you high tailing it outta Dodge mebbe? We’ll hold them horses, son, and let’s have a closer gander.

Grindcore? Nope, can’t find that lurking inside this here EP, not really apart from it comes in at six songs and under twelve minutes which would be kinda epic for grindcore. Death ‘n’ roll? Oh lordy by the horse trough full. From the outset of ‘Hard As Tin’, this swaggers, rolls and headbangs it’s death metal cowboy hat across grooves wide and deep enough for anywhere in Arizona. Comedy? No idea, but they sure as shit sound like they’re having a blast and it put a grin on me too.

Yeah this is just great fun. ‘Nightmares Of Tomorrow’ bounces like a demented space hopper, a death metal stoner band. ‘Natural Attraction’ which I’m sure name-checks Joseph Stalin, not exactly my idea of a comedy staple, is just mid paced groooooove, ‘Grammar Geurillas’ is as sharp and nagging as those social media ‘guardians’ and ‘Pearl Jammed’ is the epic slow burner (well, over two minutes anyroad) which I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read the lyrics to. The oddly named ‘Dragon Hedge’ grins and kicks us out the saloon door, waching us bounce down the dusty road.

Dust mesself down, pick up my teeth and my dignity, rummage around for my wallet; nope, I’m not sure what happened in there but damn it was fun.

Unhitch your party horse. It’s an unexpected little cracker.

(8/10 Gizmo)