VolturyonThe 2 notable changes in line-up since I reviewed their 2011 release are Alexander Högbom on vocals and Oskar Pålsson on bass with the original 3 members Christian “Crille” Netzell on drums, Johan Gustafsson on guitars and Andreas Olander on guitars and backing vocals all signing to their current label ViciSolum Productions. Now I’m not going to be spending a great deal of time comparing the 2 albums, suffice to say they are both fairly brutal and take no prisoners.

It doesn’t even take a second before Högbom roars on “Pile of Human” and Netzell is blasting away with Gustafsson and Olander laying down some extremely fast riffs which somehow become even heavier and nastier when they are slowed down towards the end of the song.

I’m not certain how to say this… but the riff on “To Starve You” is rather catchy in the way it draws you in and quickly chops and changes never remaining the same for very long. The vocals however keep a steady cadence undistracted by what the guitars are doing.

The title track “Cleansed by Carnage” would be akin to a ballad if they did anything of the sort as the staccato guitars slowly chug along while the drums alternate between holding time and blasting maniacally and playing some really flowing leads.

“Swiping Salvation” has a nice steady beat that’s punctuated by frantic blasts as riff accentuation while “Fungus Coat” doesn’t bother with accentuating the riffs and rather just sticks to blasting for the majority of the song.

Every day is a school day and today’s history lesson is about the unsolved murders in 1922 at “Hinterkaifeck”.

And “Cocoon”, though about an old man has absolutely nothing to do with the movie, with its theme is rather more horror than feel good sci-fi.

Somehow Högbom’s vocals sound even lower on “The Perfidious Idol” as his slow drawn out growls are accompanied by false harmonics and guitar sustains before the guitars pick up the pace and fly into lead.

The barking out of the chorus on “The Capital of Perverse Punishment” drives home some harsh realities about honour killings and that crime of being female can carry some harsh penalties.

Guest vocals on the Hypocrisy cover “Pleasure of Molestation” are by original lyricist and vocalist Masse Broberg and none of the original fervour is lost in this rendition. In fact it may even be a bit faster and angrier than the original, if that’s even possible. And the lead isn’t half bad either.

So, if you’re after some rather raw and abrasive death metal, this album is definitely worth listening to. Oh and the album cover does allow you to judge its contents quite aptly too.

(8/10  Marco Gaminara)