GSDA second release from Japan’s death metal juggernaut GxSxD (God Send Death), with heavy influences to the usual suspects in modern death metal terms; namely Hate (Pol), Behemoth and Vader, yes, it sounds very much like a Polish death metal release.

‘Another’ has some real processed bass drum parts that kind of kill it for me, but the remaining barrage is on par with many of their peers. Whether the whole album offers anything different, well my thoughts are not that much, but that’s not to be critical of the release, it simply doesn’t stand out enough on its own against the large market for this style. The vocals are on top form, the overall sound is beefed up and has the presence to flatten a weakened superstructure. The main plus point is that although very similar, the songs are reasonably short, I hate these long drawn out tracks that don’t vary enough, so GxSxD have the arrangements nailed for me on this front at least.

The plus point is essentially the mix and the delivery, its full throttle. As for the songs themselves, well, you may have heard something similar before but there is more than enough material for you to make ‘The Adversary’ and enjoyable, if not totally obsessive musical experience on their own merits.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)