SanfordAs well as being a member of Minsk, Corrections House and Buried at Sea, Sanford Parker is a helluva producer. Having been involved with so many important metal bands, his new, electronic release ‘Lash Back’ is quite a departure from his usual output. ‘Lack Back’ is a collection of expansive, booming electronic compositions that prove uncomfortable to listen to. Its densely layered production quality renders it akin to what it would sound like if Aphex Twin were to do his own interpretations of Minsk tracks. This by far the least accessible release that Parker has been involved with but this makes it one of the most interesting.

Many of the “songs” on record are sprawling, barren wastelands of sinister creeping industrial, however, there are a few tracks such as ‘Psychic Driving’ which ebb more on the side of noise/power electronics. A dense, noisy mass dissolves into a rasping nightmarish soundscape, which flows with the album’s structure becoming looser and more improvised in its approach.

‘Lash Back’ is not an easy listen and is relatively incomparable to much of Sanford Parker’s existing back catalogue. However, for those with more than a passing interest in the likes of industrial and power electronics, this record will make for a largely rewarding investment. It looks like Sanford has found yet another genre that he is able to master and make his own.

(7/10 Angela Davey)