CodexItalian doomsters Caronte are a special bunch of musicians, not only can they hold a flame to the considered greats, but they manage time after time with each release (no matter how relatively short in duration) to kick out the cobwebs and trends of a sub-genre that needs such a shake-up.

Vocalist Dorrion Bones also sings for the most excellent black ‘n’ rollers Whiskey Ritual, so the style and talent of his vocals are totally adapted and perfect for this and his other projects. Often, the wail comes across sometimes like a Glenn Danzig howl, in other instances just like Albert Witchfinder (Reverend Bizarre)

‘Invocation To Paimon’ is total esoteric doom, that is actually easy to fall into a trance with, the lazy subdued fuzz simply makes this a truly great track. As expected, most are quite lengthy, but as ‘Elixir Rubeus’ proves, it in no way gets dull or boring. Talking directly about this one, this is where spaced out jamming starts.

‘Rites of High Theurgy’ ends this release and plays out in a similar vein, more focused but wholly inclusive of the bands influences and deft interpretation. This track does sound more nihilistic with a special tripped out vibe to surround your senses whilst you immerse yourself for the near 10 minute experience.

As a follow up to ‘Church Of Shamanic Goetia’, ‘Codex Bablon’ hits the dreamy doomy spot, it takes me back to a time when it wasn’t all fashion and name checking, it’s free flowing release, but then again, if you like this band you will know exactly what to expect as they’ve got proven quality in their back catalogue.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)