InDemiseThe phrase “never judge a book by its cover” could not be more accurate when it comes to In Demise’s second full length release Behold, A Pale Sky. Upon first glance,  with the sinister album artwork and band’s illegible logo, one could easily be mistaken for thinking that In Demise are another fifth generation slam band, complete with pig squeals and never ending beat downs. However, In Demise have so much more to offer than just run of the mill slam, this is a band who have spliced together ferocious technicality, crushing riffs and innovative, progressive sounds to create an album that will inevitably be a hit with all fans of death metal.

Imagine Necrophagist with a touch more groove and brutality and an ever so slightly slammier sounding Nile then you pretty much have In Demise in a nutshell. Hailing from Berlin, these five German lads have created quite the contagious masterpiece in Behold, a Pale Sky. If you like ferocious speed and blast beats, Behold, a Pale Sky has plenty to offer you. If you prefer bone crushingly heavy riffs and thunderous, chugging groove, this album will also quench your thirst and finally, for those who like innovative, mould breaking progressive sounds, Behold, a Pale Sky also has some tasty prog segments thrown in for good measure.

Arguably the strongest track on the album is fourth track An Ode to Wrath. Drawing the strongest comparisons with infamous, death metal titans Necrophagist, An Ode to Wrath beautifully combines powerful, commanding riffs with insane levels of speed, so fast that it’s bordering on grind at points. An Ode to Wrath also has a unique, erratic quality to it that keeps you hooked throughout the track.

The album’s title track is also a powerful and authoritative listen. After an eerie apocalyptic spoken number on A New Dark Age, this brute of a track attacks with full force. The savage blast beats and infectious riffs work together wonderfully and will undoubtedly get even the most reluctant of heads banging.

Behold, a Pale Sky is a fantastic album that all fans of death metal are going to love. Despite a rather slow and predominantly slam-esque opening, In Demise have released an onslaught of pure, death metal brilliance. Behold, a Pale Sky is a masterfully crafted and substantial release that the band must be proud to put their names to.

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)