DawnODDawn of disease are a melodic death metal band from Osnabrück in the Lower Saxony region of Germany who are currently signed to Napalm who with each release (napalm) seem to be growing in strength and reach. With a label on the rise like this, especially in the fringes of the extreme metal genres, it’s the perfect place for a band like Dawn Of Disease to really shine. With an EP and two full length releases already under their belts, the group who had an initial four year stint from 2003 to 2007 have been active continuously since 2009. With similarities to Kataklysm, In Flames and The Haunted, let’s see if album number 3 can live up to the promise given its current surroundings.

The title track, “Worship The Grave” opens up with a full on relentless melodic death metal onslaught, laden with a pounding thrash groove. With the harshness and intensity provided by the blistering pace of the rhythm section, this track hits hard from the off. With subtle changes adding a melodic aspect to the chorus, the overall delivery is intense. Vocals delivered with aggression and cutting riffs and solos really set the tone and this track acts as a statement of intent for the rest of the album.

Equally as brutal and relentless, this ten track record takes no prisoners. Slow melodic sections laced with harmony riffs give was to pseudo black metal style passages with plenty of double kick and harmonic laden grooves encourage full on headbanging. Tracks like “Ashes” bring sounds which feel similar to some of the last remnants of the harsher death metal In Flames used to pedal, notably their early 2000’s sound whilst “Through Nameless Ages” has a real thrashy feel like the more recent releases from The Haunted.

In all, the melodic death and thrash hybrid works well, it is a real intense sound but there are not many stand out moments. As intense and heavy as this album is, it does feel stale after a few listens as every track has a very familiar feel and sound to it. Sure, that can be the case with a lot of bands who play melodic death metal or thrash, but there is often some diversity in the delivery at least to make you notice but Dawn Of Disease haven’t quite managed that here.

Fast, furious, intense but samey, its neither stunning or sub standard, its just what it is, a solid and heavy album

(6/10 Fraggle)