Having been a punter (and occasional DJ) at the legendary Whitby Goth Weekend since 2007, Therapy?’s inclusion on the bill this April came as a bit of a surprise.

Certainly one of the “bravest” moves from the organizers for quite some time (Paradise Lost in 2002 anyone?), and naturally I was anxious to see just how our beloved trio of noise-makers were going to go down at such a festival, following an engaging set from Lene Lovich, and some meandering amateur-dramatic toss from The Red Paintings.

…Well…they went down really bloody well as it goes!

Obviously being clad in black, adding a Misfits cover to the set, and opening with a Joy Division song, isn’t going to hurt.

As soon as Andy, Michael and Neil (plus their guitar tech) hit the stage, the energy was contagious.

Wall to wall anthems and infectious riffs, with enough darkness and drama to pacify the black souls of Whitby that night, with a set-list covering every album from ‘Baby Teeth’ to ‘Suicide Pact…’, and last years brilliant ‘Disquiet’. Therapy? Looked and sounded the business, and the crowd were quick to respond.

Therapy pic4

Highlights were (but not limited to…) ‘Die Laughing’…’A Moment Of Clarity’…’Stories’…’Tides’…’Nausea’…Oh fuck it! It was ALL great!

Now, a small bit of crowd momentum may have been lost with new songs placed after a gut-wrenching delivery of ‘Diane’, but once the familiar stabs of ‘Screamager’ kicked in, everyone was on the same page again.

I’ve seen this band play live many, many, many times in the past, and I honestly think that this performance was one of their best.

So, after a quick handshake from the unbelievably energetic bass-player (and Evil Priest) Michael Mckeegan, I leave the floor soaked in sweat and utterly exhausted.

One in the eye for the beautiful people…and a definite shot in the arm for WGW.


(Stuart Carroll)