PyromancerThis pair of fire-starters known as Conqueror Horus & Master of Graveyard Torment originally released this self-described demo on 100 edition limited cassette via Grim Winds Records. Obviously liking what they heard Polish label Godz Ov War Productions have gone and picked up the USA based act comprising members of bands such as Tombstalker and Apocryphal Revelation and given it a well-deserved CD release. Blasphemous bestial blackened death is what we get here with 5 tracks quickly battered out in under a quarter of an hour and horns raised in salutation to many a kvlt act as they name-check influences such as Von, Demoncy, Sarcofago, Profanatica, Hellhammer, Tormentor and Archgoat.

It’s quickly evident that a 2015 demo does not necessarily mean you are going to find yourself with a swampy 1995 sound. This is bold and brash with the mix being particularly thunderous and potent as it attacks. ‘Conjuring The Flame’ has a real spark about it with drums brawling in and punching heavily as guitars thickly coat things and the track barbarically romps off. Vocals are full blooded with both blood curdling rasps and lower gravid growls and the whole approach is suitably coarse and old-school with primitivism and a tarry groove coating it all. The booming drum sound that bounces in on Barbaric Wrath really makes you sit up and take notice, there’s some necromantic sounding chants that certainly have you thinking along the lines of the aforementioned Tormentor and Demoncy and some neat morbid guitar tones amidst the otherwise high velocity rampage of the track. When those drums hit a military like two step and it all slows down to a sinister crawling chaos the atmosphere is really palpable. ‘Inferno’ blackly thrashes in and gets the melody tight sounding like this is being jammed out under the influence of strong liquor and the spirit of punky Darkthrone. It’s a good old banger and that’s exactly what you will find your head doing while listening to it.

Wild with some throat ripping snarls ‘Abyssal Crucifixion’ hammers away like wood into nails and the grating grinding guitar work is savage and razor sharp. Final track ‘Violent God’ bounces and scythes away with giving an uncouth and bruising battering as the ever more violent vocals really shriek and holler out with disgust and contempt coming at you from all angles. Pyromancer pretty much do what you would expect and do so with style not leaving you disappointed in the slightest. Hopefully they will be working on new material and this fiery baptism won’t be the last we hear of them.

(7/10 Pete Woods)