gurt-trippy-wicked-guppyGuppy is a split release and recording between two of the UK’s finest underground bands circulating in the doom/stoner/sludge market. The combination includes the same drummer Bill Jacobs and this was a unique release as both bands entered the studio and recorded together and thus the creation of GUPPY came about. Filled with good old British humour, and some cool riffs, this is a pretty perfect amalgamation.

There are two new songs from each band and a collaboration. ‘Owlmeggedon’ by Gurt is sludgy doomy thing, quite akin to a mix of Cathedral and more of the NOLA scene, gnarly and evil sounding; a perfect foundation for this release. Trippy Wicked have always been a touch eclectic and ‘Super Fun Happy Slide’ is a hoot, no doubt in reference to an episode of the Simpsons by my recollection. There’s a certain feeling of The Obsessed, a smooth groove with fuzzy overtones. Trippy’s second track ‘Reign’ is more epic, almost a dreamscape of emotion still with a hearty kick in the pants where necessary, very cool indeed. Gurt’s second track ‘I Regret Nothing’ is a bit more angst ridden Kylesa style, a healthy dose of the good stuff indeed. The two band collaboration is ‘Revolting Child’, which is actually a really interesting and expansive cover of T-Rex’s ‘Children of the Revolution’. The base song is a good formula to work with and “guppy” really make their respective marks on the track with duel vocals, bass and guitars giving this a big, big sound. In fact, the recording is a perfect capture and was made in Watford’s Titan studios, obviously a great set up based on the results of this EP.

As a fan of both bands, the songs here can convey a few emotions, whether its head bobbing, to nihilistic doom and sludge, to eyes shut you’re in dreamland…it all works. You need this really, even if you don’t know the bands, this is a perfect reference point from two of the UK’s shining lights and I heartily recommend this and the two bands previously recorded material.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)