GruesomeWhen both current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation unite to create a sound that pays homage to the forefathers of death metal, you know you’re pretty much guaranteed an audible pleasure. American death super group Gruesome have created exactly this with their latest EP, Dimensions of Horror, which consists of six tasty morsels of death metal delight.

Dimensions of Horror is an EP with both feet firmly in the old school. It goes without saying how much the great legends Death have influenced Gruesome, however there are also distinct Cancer, Obituary and Massacre tones throughout the EP. All six of the tracks are an absolute treat to listen to, the riffs come in thick and fast and are contagious as hell, the speed of each one is ferocious and there’s some delightfully fiddly fretwork thrown in for good measure.

In true old school style, Gruesome have injected some obvious horror themes into Dimensions of Horror. Second track Raped by Darkness and the third Amputation have much gorier, raw death vibes to them, almost verging on Necrophagia-esque levels at points. Both tracks are exceedingly fast, with some furious, thrash vibes in there. Matt Harvey’s distinct growls take almost John Tardy style turns at points, which obviously set the songs off well.

Fourth and fifth songs Hellbound and Seven Doors are easily the catchiest songs on the EP. Again packed full of frantic speed, satisfying growls and infectious lyrics on Hellbound, this EP is definitely one for fans of old school metal without a doubt. Furthermore, despite being an all American band, Swedish titans Grave are an obvious reference point on Dimensions of Horror, especially on Hellbound.

Overall, Dimensions of Horror is a well-crafted EP. Gruesome have succeeded in creating a fantastic tribute to the founding forefathers of Death metal in creating their own fantastically old school release. There is contagious riff after contagious riff, insanely fast speed and satisfying, gravelly growls which complement the powerful riffs brilliantly. Dimensions of Horror is not an EP to be ignored  by anyone who happens to be a fan of Massacre, Cancer, Obituary, Morbid Angel and in fact just about any old school death metal powerhouses. With their strong status as a death metal super group and this commanding EP, Gruesome are bound to deservedly acquire some coveted festival slots in 2016. Dimensions of Horror is the EP of the summer.

(8/10 Eilish Foxen)