MurdermadegodThere’s something both deeply and fist bumpingly satisfying about well-crafted technical death metal. The immensely powerful riffs, ridiculously fast blast beats and aggressive, gravelly vocals. With their first release since 2013, Greek four piece Murder Made God have unleashed ravenous, Tech Death brilliance upon the metal world.

Enslaved is a non-stop tour de force of technical death metal heaviness from start to finish. Murder Made God have successfully created a relentless and chugging masterpiece which encompasses everything brilliant about modern death metal. In terms of influences, there are strong Aborted and Hour of Penance vibes throughout the album, along with a touch of Behemoth on the title track and a hint of chugging, Djent pioneers Meshuggah on fourth track Morbid Institution.

This is an album that does not fail to deliver ten knock out punches consecutively. The sheer speed of every track is something that never quits on the album. First track Victims and eighth track Subject 666 are so fast they border on Nasum-esque grindcore at point. Enslaved is pretty much non-stop forceful, chugging tech-death genius. There are no weird, atmospheric experimentations or dipping into other genres to try and spice the album up a bit, Enslaved is pure, rage filled noise.

A key feature on Enslaved is how commanding and thunderous its riffs are. Guitarist Dennis has managed to create an entire album chock full of energetic, chugging riffs that could almost transport the listener back to Nihility era Decapitated they’re so wonderfully groovy. No tech-death album is complete without a huge amount of both savage riffs and insanely fast blast beats and Enslaved packs both of these and more. Enslaved is a truly fantastic and explosive album.

Murder Made God have created a masterpiece with Enslaved and are without a doubt the death metal band to watch out for in 2016. All death metal fans are bound to adore this album, however fans of Aborted, Hour of Penance, Behemoth, Gojira and Meshuggah are bound to be citing Enslaved as their best album of 2016. If you crave unfathomable levels of speed, mighty, infectious riffs and deep guttural vocals then look no further than Enslaved. Murder Made God have succeeded in igniting the tech-death flame in a genre that was getting pushed into the shadows by its brutal counterpart. Enslaved is guaranteed to earn Murder Made God some coveted tour slots this year. Bravo lads!

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)