SavioursTo celebrate the release of ‘Palace of Vision’, California’s favourite stoner/thrash metal crossover band, Saviours, are embarking upon a 19-date strong tour of Europe. Tenth stop along the way is London’s Black Heart and they’re bringing some traditional heavy metal vibes along for the ride in the form of Asomvel and Brule.

Heavy doomsters, Brule, open the show; encompassing all of the brute strength of the comic book character they take their namesake from and powering it through their amps for maximum effect. Their set is riff heavy and has more of a traditional doom feel than the vibe the main event is packing, however, they match like for like with feel good atmosphere and enthusiasm. A suitable warm up for the ensuing carnage.

Encompassing everything Motörhead, Asomvel are a blast of fast and furious rock that mimics the late, great Lemmy Kilmister and co; even the microphone set-up that bassist/vocalist Ralph has is the same as Lemmy’s. Although the songs are doubtless well crafted, it’s depressing to hear a band playing songs they’ve written with their own lyrics but adapted to sound exactly like another band. If you’re going to do that, you may as well just go the full stretch and be a tribute band.

Saviours see the venue fill up fast and descend into chaos as they blast through a set of classics such as ‘Crete’n’ as well as ragers from their latest album. Front and centre of the crowd is absolute carnage as the band tear through dual guitar attacks and persistent runs up and down the instruments’ necks provides suitably entertaining theatrics for the eyes as well as the ears. Motörhead are paid tribute to not for the first time this evening, as the five piece close the show with their own take on the classic ‘Love Me Like a Reptile’ – this gets a smile from even the most stern faced of those in attendance and ends the night on a perfect high.

(Review by Angela Davey)