DecrepitPacifists turn away, the rest of you prepare to rev up the rusty chainsaws and go down under to Australia and enter the realm of vocalist / guitarist Kakorot and drummer Marcus Hellcunt. I won’t make cheap jibes about the latter’s mother as no doubt Mrs Hellcunt was dispatched shortly after her progeny was pulled from the womb but some may note by name that he is also in Vomitor and has blasted in the past with Bestial Warlust and Gospel Of The Horns. Decrepit Soul themselves after releasing several demos got around to debut album ‘Uncreated And Eternal’ via Sinister Essence Records. It must have got a fair amount of kudos as those chrome dome skins Iron Bonehead have gone and picked the duo up for their follow up.

You probably have a fair idea just what to expect from this even before hearing a note and you are more than likely going to be bang on the money too. Decrepit Soul don’t offer up anything particularly surprising but then again why should they? We ‘Awaken’ to the sound of cranking machinery which is somewhat reminiscent to the start of Sepultura’s classic Arise (could this all be planned or incidental) and from there blast hellishly into a bestial onslaught of razor sharp riffs and thundering drums. Vocals barbarically growl over the top and you will be head banging along like there’s no tomorrow. Death, black, war and a layer of crust are coated all over this and then surprisingly a rather morbid doom like section as it slows down. Consider me awakened now and paying attention and I’m glad that there is a certain versatility stylistically here rather than an all-out hammer and tongs approach. The violent bloodshed from the vocals rasps and roars getting all the more indignant and the drums blast back into life for a final pulverising assault. The doomy vibe comes back for next number ‘Feral Howling Winds’ (no bottom jokes please) and a thunderous tornado of instrumental abuse and throat ripping vokills attack. Variation of speed and a sense of atmosphere throughout keep the short and sharp, under half an hour album interesting over the seven numbers we are attacked with here. There’s some backtracked drums, ceremonial and ghastly crypt chants, some absolutely cadaverous vocal rasps and bleating of no doubt tortured sheep thrown in for good measure.

Decrepit Soul ultimately deliver a satisfying slab of old school metal for moshing maniax, a warlike sermon scorched with the fetid odour of (to name a track) ‘Black Goats Breath.’ There’s not much more to say really; war is delivered and enemies are crushed!

(6.5/10 Pete Woods)