DarkriseA substantial, well rounded Death Metal album is always a delight to listen to and Swiss five piece DarkRise’s latest album Fear, Hate and Corruption is exactly that. In a realm which has an ever increasing amount of sub genres, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a band who are unashamedly blasting traditional, no frills death metal.

Dark Rise are no strangers to the genre’s heavyweights, having toured with the likes of Morbid Angel, Death To All and Obscura back in 2013. These specific bands styles have definitely helped shape DarkRise into the powerful tour de force that they have become, as strong Obscura vibes are present on Fear, Hate and Corruption. More brutal acts such as Vomitory and Severe Torture are also clearly influences on the album, as DarkRise have nailed a nice brutal sound on it too.

Explosive speed and energy are the name of game on Fear Hate and Corruption, as pretty much every track is a whirlwind of whizzing brutality. Second track Allegiance, fourth track Cold and sixth track A Solid Plan are perhaps the speediest three anthems on Fear, Hate and Corruption, with fast and intense riffs throughout. In fact these tracks are so fast and technical that DarkRise could almost be compared to 2004- present day Exodus at points.

Vocalist Thibaud Ducrot’s growls are a majestic noise to behold on Fear, Hate and Corruption. The vocals are gravelly and brutal but not completely inaudible, making DarkRise and wise choice for those who are not fans of insanely deep pig squealing. The whole album in fact is pleasantly accessible death metal that is bound to appeal to all fans across the spectrum. Yes there are breakdowns and slower, more chugging sections on the album, however these are commanding and groovy and thankfully far from metalcorey sounding rackets.

Fear Hate and Corruption is a well-rounded release that the majority of death metal fans will find something to enjoy on it. For those however who prefer things to be of the more slamming variety then Fear Hate and Corruption is probably best avoided, as this is an album that focuses on extreme technicality and speed throughout with gruff, audible vocals. If you are a fan of Behemoth, Obscura, Vomitory and other traditional death metal bands then DarkRise, with their chugging riffs, ferocious fretwork and explosive energy are the band for you.

(8/10 Eilish Foxen)