CliteaterAnyone who has experienced the joys of this Dutch bands grindcore will know that all their albums have a play on the titles of well established releases such as their debut “Clit ‘Em All”or the last full length “Cliteaten Back To Life”. Fans of grindcore will already know this band as this sixth full length sees them keeping to the strict confines of kicking you in the head.

“Loathe” opens the release in true bedlam fashion with a biscuit tin snare blast that is pronounced and crystal clear in the mix as it should be. As the starting track hits the 45 second mark that groove layer is inserted to brilliant effect as “Tranny McPee” continues the mayhem with a marginally slower blast accompanied by ultra low gurgling vocals and ear piercing screams. A sample piece starts “Human Idiot” with its massive groove riff that thrusts a dense and pulverising beat on the listener that eventually breaks for the inevitable increase in pace. The 24 seconds of “Repent” are insane as expected leading into “Tribbing Mania” which I had to look up the meaning of and again hits you squarely with a groove infested riff and borderline death metal guise never venturing into blast territory. Another intro sample starts “Tramp Stamp Stomping” which returns the album back to outright ferocity and insanely low vocal barfs. I did enjoy the grinding fuzz of “Yinon Plan”, which you can look up if unfamiliar with the subject material, as the tune beats remorselessly with all the precision of a sledgehammer being used to crack a nut shell so to speak. Again the tune has a vast groove element and I can see the audiences lapping this stuff up at their shows.

Beginning with a more death metal like riff “Heretic” is one of the longer tracks allowing the tune to build gradually as the entrenched and cavernous vocals rumble in the background alongside the more dominant growled style which may as well be a recording of someone chucking up their guts after a night of alcohol fuelled debauchery. “Freakopolis” is mental with a riff break that has a hardcore touch before “Exit” offers sonic annihilation that leads into “Semen Route” which is a stand out tune for me personally with its crust like bass start and is typically more death than grind. The melody is awesome and the bass riff break is pummelling and devoutly effective possessing an extremely addictive riff. As the longest tune clocking the epic time of nearly four minutes “Caliphate” is a slamming delight with an infectious drive and nihilistic snare assault. Closing the album is the silly “Total Clitoration” which has a banjo and spoken words and would be brilliant if played live and narrates a humourous story of becoming a king of total clitoration.

Cliteater are grindcore, no mathematical riffing phases, they pound the listener for nearly 35 minutes over 19 tunes of insane grind and pulverising pandemonium. Sit back and take yourself “From Enslavement To Clitoration”.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)