AtrociousIt’s quite refreshing when a band in any genre bucks the trends set by their peers. With most extreme death metal bands nowadays trying to outdo one another in terms of who can sound more slamtastic than the rest, Atrocious Abnormality have chosen to stick to the death metal path and have created some pretty brutal and apocalyptic delights on their second full length release, Formed in Disgust.

After a seven year gap between albums, Atrocious Abnormality are firmly back in the game with Formed in Disgust. This is an album that improves solidly with each track, as each song is speedier and more infectious than the last. In terms of influences, Atrocious Abnormality have drawn inspiration from some of death metal’s giants. There are distinct Dying Fetus and Prostitute Disfigurement undertones throughout Formed in Disgust, with certain tracks also having a strong Suffocation circa their self-titled 2006 album vibes too.

The main dominating wow factor on Formed in Disgust is the sheer speed of the tracks. Third song Storm of Ash and sixth song Bound for Damnation are violently explosive numbers with plenty of punch and backbone to them too. The sheer speed of both guitarist (and vocalist) Steve Green’s riffs on both of these tracks is relentless, topped with some knockout blast beats from drummer Brent Williams too. As if this band couldn’t get any more talented, bassist James O’Neal delivers some downright groovy solos on the gory Erotic Tales of Disembowelment that really set the song off a treat.

Formed in Disgust is a brilliant album that really bridges the gap between the more brutal, slamming area of death metal and the traditional, technical elements to the genre. The fifth and title track for example is another insanely speedy track with some impressive, ferocious growls thrown in for good measure. With an arsenal of songs this impressive it’s a struggle to see how any death metal fan couldn’t find something to enjoy on this album.

Overall, this is a fantastic comeback release from Atrocious Abnormality. The album consists of nine highly enjoyable tracks of unyielding, aggressive, well-choreographed death metal from start to finish that succeeds in remaining both brutal and technical throughout. There is nothing on this album that fans of extreme, modern death metal will not enjoy in anyway. If you crave deep, guttural growls, catchy, toe tapping riffs and enough speed to knock out a rhino then Formed in Disgust is just what the doctor ordered.

(8/10 Eilish Foxen)