MammothIt was early 2015 when Aussie sleaze merchants Mammoth Mammoth let loose upon the earth their own personal tribute to the riff ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ (see Ave Noctum passim for review). Now, with a new year on the calendar, and a tour with My Sleeping Karma and Greenleaf about to hit the road in a fog of herbal smoke and patchouli fumes, the band continues to honour those rockers who built the path they travel with ‘Mammoth Bloody Mammoth’.

The four track EP opens with plenty of low end fuzz and guitar distortion with ‘Taste Your Blood’, a thudding rhythm section adding the perfect accompaniment to a punk tinged sneering vocal delivery. ‘Drugs’ follows hard and heavy with a Ramones like delivery every bit as subtle and nuanced as the title might well suggest, itself in turn followed with as fine a cover of The MC5’s all time classic ‘Kick Out The Jams’ as you could hope to hear, played with all the panache of the best pub band in the world just before closing time. Rounding out this fist in your face sonic assault is ‘Dead Sea’, which with its hypnotic loops and chants is the most subtle and nuanced track of the four, in so far as downing a bottle of wine in a oner will leave you slightly less wrecked than downing a bottle of spirits.

‘Mammoth Bloody Mammoth’ is not an EP of technical trickery, engineering wizardry, and instrumental virtuosity, rather it is the visceral sound track to a night in a sweaty club where the smell of spilt beer mixes with too many sweaty bodies in denim and leather, where the mission is a good time, and nothing will stand in the way of that goal!

(7.5/10 Spenny)