Forndom“Let us wander to the worlds beyond ours……”

I opened the review of Forndom’s 2015 EP “Flykt” with a quote from the media blurb and feel obliged to do so again since it seems apt for the musical experience on offer.

“Dauðra Dura” (which I am reliably informed translates from old Norse to “The Doors of Death” – Thanks Simon and Eva!) is Forndom’s debut album and is a “musical interpretation of death, and how it was viewed upon in the old North”.

I’m not going to dissect individual tracks as I feel they are part of a continuum, stages on an epic journey if you will. Monastic chants, and simple string orchestrations entwine creating hypnotic, entrancing soundscapes that will take the committed listener to ancient Scandinavia, perhaps deep into the forest, next to the glowing embers of a dying fire, with the aurora borealis dancing overhead.

I say “committed listener” as this will not be fully appreciated on a casual listen, but it is worth the effort to actively listen and before you realise what has happened your subconscious will have succumbed to this mesmerising dark aural adventure.

As the tracks pass by, the vocals perhaps become a little more prominent almost sounding like part of an occult ritual.

This is not one for everybody, and let’s be clear if you’re looking for the next battering death or black metal release, this is probably not what you’re after, but if you want something different and you are open minded enough to submit to this atmospheric challenge, you might just enjoy it – I dare you!

(7.5/10 Andy Pountney)