When Abortedone of Europe’s strongest death metal bands, who can literally do no wrong when it comes to churning out powerful grinding death metal, unleash their latest EP onto the world, it’s sufficient enough to say that the expectations for said EP are going to be pretty damn high. As standard, Belgian’s finest four piece Aborted have exceeded those expectations with Termination Redux.

Termination Redux is absolutely brilliant. If you’re a fan of death metal in any way, shape or form then you’re going to love this EP. Termination has the exact same vigour and tenacity as their 2012 pinnacle release Global Flatline with almost immeasurable levels of speed and aggression throughout the album.

Title track, Termination Redux, showcases drummer Ken Bedene’s talents off vividly, as he delivers insanely fast blast beats after blast beats, complimented of course by Sven’s vibrant, gravelly vocals. The final number The Holocaust Re-Incarnate is also a delightful frenzy of blast beats and noise, only this time with some bloody infectious riffs thrown in for good measure. The sheer riff heaviness and groove on Holocaust Re-Incarnate is so strong that it draws comparisons to early Carcass at points.

Despite being a talented Death Metal band, Aborted appear to have got in touch with their grindcore side on this EP. Fourth track Bound in Acrimony has a very strong grindcore feel to it that is not dissimilar to Lock Up’s 2002 album Hate Breeds Suffering. However, grindcore and death metal are the vodka and Redbull of the metal world and always work together beautifully when combined.

Musical qualities of the EP aside now, the artwork for Termination Redux is incredible too. Instead of just opting for gratuitous gore, Termination’s cover looks like it could be a 1960’s classic Hammer Horror poster, with a snarling beast brandishing a bloodstained knife raising hell and fury amongst their victims. Topped off with a crazed doctor and some pickled body parts in typical Aborted style, this cover has much more depth and entertainment value than your standard, gore obsessed art work.

If Termination Redux is a sign of things to come in 2016, then we’re in for a bloody good year of quality, no frills attached death metal. This EP provides the listener with robust, knock out death metal that leaves you craving for another five tracks immediately. Once again Aborted have raised the bar for extreme music this side of the Atlantic.

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)