Misantropus…Four tracks of doom from Italy.

All the tracks are instrumental, and the CD is wonderfully packaged in a Super Jewel Box no less, with some interesting artwork and pictures of the band.

…The music however, is utter bollocks…I mean, seriously, are they taking the piss?

So, what we basically get from four “songs” is a touch of ominous ambient noise and essentially the SAME RIFF PLAYED OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Yeah sure, there may be the odd variation and Sabbath-style breakdown included (just to keep you on your toes), but yeah, it’s pretty much the same fucking riff.

Granted, there is certainly a level of competence to the music, but that just renders the proceeding all the more harder to bear.

Think I’m being a bit too harsh?

Let’s delve a little further shall we?

This album is comprised of the following titles…’The Gnomes’, ‘The Salamander’, ‘Undines’, and ‘Elfs’. It starts with ambient noise, and it ends with ambient noise. The rest, is basically ONE FUCKING RIFF! (Possibly 2).

It all lasts roughly 35 minutes, and to be honest, I’m amazed that I even got that far. The temptation to rip the CD from the player was, at times, all consuming.

But maybe I’m missing something here? Perhaps I need a few more listens to get used to the clever use of monotony and repetition. Maybe there are subtle textures present in ‘The Gnomes’ that I’ve yet to pick up on? Maybe…just maybe…I can use the jewel case for something else.

Sorry guys. I really don’t see the point of this release, as surely venturing out with an instrumental album is a sign of confidence, balls, and dynamics. ‘The Gnomes’ displays none of these qualities.

(1/10 Stuart Carroll) …and that’s just for the packaging!