DOOMUK five piece Demons Of Death Metal were formed by veterans of the UK Metal gig circuit according to their bio on the interwebs. They apparently sling some solid sounding grooves and have formed this band to get them back into doing what they loved and have released two short releases already. Taking a leaf out of Mushroom Head, Slipknot and other nu-metal heroes of days gone by, they’ve donned the whole masks and costumes route and refer to themselves simply as their instrument and demon… Enough of that, let’s just get this over with.

I will admit it, I have a fondness for Nu-Metal. It reminds me of being an obnoxious, self loathing teenager who hates everyone and everything but still made sure he was home before midnight and always had that obligatory sprint for my life when the locals in my area decided to chase me. I covered Coal Chamber’s album and gig earlier this year and it was rather enjoyable so another nu-metal styled band was bound to catch my eye.

Sadly, that’s all D.O.M.D do. Within seconds of the pointless sample based introduction track, “Domintroduction” finishing and “Fake Skin” starting, I was cringing. The most accurate way to describe the musical grenade I have just jumped on to save you all is the worst parts of Nu-Metal meeting the dullness and pointlessness of the majority of Djent. It’s overly distorted, high gain guitars, dreadful vocals, horrible shudder inducing lead sounds and drums which are far too loud in the mix and cymbal abuse which seems like a child with ADHD has been let loose on the shiny metal things with sticks… Oh, and they use some techno synth progressions too with real bad rap styled vocal delivery… Like they make Fred Durst come across as eloquent and a highly skilled vocalist.

It just goes even further downhill from here. If this was released back in 2000, Kerrang! would have put it on a podium and gave it 5K’s, but we all know you cannot polish a turd and this isn’t just a turd… This is the world record sized turd… Yes, it’s as big a turd as Bono himself (#SouthParkReference). With ‘influences’ listed as Pantera, HellYeah, Machine Head and Slipknot, I honestly couldn’t hear anything remotely similar to those in their music. A more accurate list would have read ‘Maxdymz, Twin Method’.. Yes, there is nothing sonically redeeming about this band in the slightest.

I’m not normally this brutal and blunt, but sometimes, you can’t play nice when something is this dire, sometimes you just have to say it how it is.


(I can’t even justify a number/10, Fraggle)