Honeymoon-Disease-The-TranscendenceSwedish retro rock, yeah this again, in a world obsessed by the past there are some high quality outfits emerging. When the opening track ‘Higher’ hits you, I am impressed, especially with the vocals of Jenna. On this one, it comes across near to Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) as does the vibe of the music with the on the beat snare drum adding to the vintage tones. Following this, the band head into straight up rock n roll ranging anywhere between Kiss, to Girlschool via The Runaways. ‘Gotta Move’ is catchy and you can almost sing along immediately, although the track that’s stands out for me is ‘Bellevue Groove’. This builds from its starts, has a real Kiss flavour and generates a cool guitar section in the middle with some vocal harmonies that add to the structure of the track, more meat on the bones.

‘Keep Me Spinning’ ends the album with another nice guitar solo and some Hammond organ sounds in the background. For this and the other tracks mentioned, adding this and other additional characters fills out the tracks more and it also helps with a more authentic retro reproduction. However, when you just have the basic guitar, bass, drums set up, I do find it somewhat thin in places when the momentum pauses briefly in certain parts of the album.

You will like this album for what it is, but it doesn’t have a full complement of individuality for me to totally feel one with ‘The Transcendence’.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)