TsjuderWith summer firmly on its way out and the delightfully grim welcoming arms of autumn and winter fast approaching, it’s definitely perfect black metal season, and what better way to kick start the season than with the latest offering from Oslo’s infamous satanic trio Tsjuder.

The bands fifth full length offering Antiliv is your quintessential kvlt Norwegian black metal album. Antiliv is an uncompromisingly fast and raw listen and a guaranteed win for anyone who prefers their Darkthrone to Dimmu Borgir (basically true black metal fan with a functioning set of ear drums). Antiliv is a fantastically entertaining listen as it remains true to the pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal, with Immortal and old Mayhem being obvious influences on the release, whilst still maintaining a strong original quality throughout too. As well as brilliant second wave of Black Metal Influence, thrash acts such as (early) Sepultura and Sodom are also prevalent at times throughout the album.

Opening track Kaos firmly sets the precedent for the rest of the album with its no nonsense, furious opening. Not wasting any time with elongated, tweedly introductions, Tsjuder head straight in for the kill with a speedy explosive track. Despite being undoubtedly black metal, Antiliv has some fantastic infectious grooves thrown in too for good measure. Both Krater and Djevelens Mesterverk are intense examples of how working some catchy riffs and into the raw aggression of black metal makes for an absolutely killer sound.

Antiliv further keeps the listener entertained throughout by throwing in some captivating tempo changes. Both Demonic Supremacy and Slumber with the Worm beautifully combine chugging, shredding talent with slow, atmospheric segments, giving the album an even greater creepy satanic edge. In fact, for those with a preference towards all things kvlt, Antiliv with its powerful interchanging rhythm, is almost quite the soothing listen at points.

Overall Antiliv is a thoroughly enjoyable listen throughout. The album is stereotypical true Black Metal that is both powerful and engaging. Tsjuder have succeeded in creating a powerful and sinister release that will undoubtedly satisfy the bands old school fans and recruit them a new batch along the way too. If you like your black metal to be of the traditional and extreme variety then look no further as Antiliv will be your album of 2015. In short, this album is total and utter furious Kvlty brilliance.

(8/10 Eilish Foxen)