MekigahAlways one for the unusual, I was immediately intrigued by the promise of symphonic, experimental, horror soundtrack enthused ambient, darkwave doom. A bit of research told me that Mekigah is basically the work of one Australian called Vis Ortis. “Litost” is his/their third album release.

Spooky sounds emerge. There’s nothing unusual about that but “Litost” lives up to the promise. It’s like being dragged through a murky nightmare. Constantly distorted, the scene is one ghastly picture after another. The amalgam of sounds includes the industrial soundscape of Aborym and the like, sinister whistlings which are designed to portray the greyest picture and maximum psychological impact. It can be symphonic, dark and deadly. “Arangutia” reinforces aural visions of dark and doomy chasms. Echoes and barely audible sounds resound. The dark industrialism and definitive constancy recalls Blut aus Nord, but there’s no pattern. It’s ambient noise but ranging from black wildernesses and funereal melancholy to symphonically-influenced riots. “Circuitous Revenge” is laced with off-the-wall demented vocals, then cosmic chaos threatens as the doomy “Mokuy” promises catastrophe.

There’s nothing normal here. “Litost” is dreamy experimental noise of the obscurest order. I was not surprised to learn that “litost” is a Czech word meaning a stat of misery and torment. At first I wondered what was going on when I heard this album, but after retuning my senses, I came to appreciate its creativity.

(8/10 Andrew Doherty)