KraaniumIt’s safe to say that after the brilliance that was their 2012 release Post Mortal Coital Fixation, Norwegian/ UK slam kings Kraanium had set themselves a hard act to follow. However, three years later Chronicles of Perversion proves that this is a band who are continuing to climb from strength to strength.

This is an album that doesn’t hold back on the punches from start to finish. Right from opening number Rock Filled Orifice, Kraanium unleash a non-stop onslaught of gnarly grooves and thunderous slamming brutality. Maintaining their status as slam pioneers, Kraanium have also allowed their death metal influences to shine through on the album, especially so on title track Chronicles of Perversion. This instrumental number possesses distinct Cannibal Corpse circa Kill vibes, and could in fact almost be mistaken for a Cannibal Corpse track to the untrained ear.

One of the many winning factors on Chronicles of Perversion is the phenomenal amounts of mighty groove each track has to offer. Every song is packed to the brim with hench groove and infectious riffs, two of the key qualities that are guaranteed to make any brutal death album great. Two real stand out tracks from the groove perspective are the powerful Hung by Your Entrails and Evisceration of Cadavers. Both tracks are powerful, slamming delights that will invigorate your ear drums.

As well as laying down some mighty grooves, Chronicles of Perversion has plenty of ferocious speedy little numbers on it, an almost stark contrast from their predominantly slower, breakdown filled tracks on previous release Post Mortal Coital Fixation. Both Rock Filled Orifice, Human Skin Fuck Doll and Rusty Knife Defloration are all fast, explosive songs with packed with unparalleled levels of brutality and aggression. With this much speed behind them, Kraanium prove that they’re more than just your standard, run of the mill slam, but more pioneers in the fastest growing extreme genre.

Chronicles of Perversion is nothing short of absolute brilliance. With pummelling beats and powerful riffs, this album proves that Kraanium are at the very top of the slam food chain. Complete with intense, infectious breakdowns and insane blast beats, Chronicles is a well-rounded and influential album that is a guaranteed winner with all fans of brutal death metal. For those of you who thought Post Mortal Coital Fixation couldn’t be topped, be prepared to eat your words, as Chronicles of Perversion is undoubtedly Kraanium’s strongest album to date.

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)