KrisiunIn a genre where everyone is trying to drastically out brutal everyone else, it’s very refreshing to see a death metal band instead focus on the technical and intricate aspects of the genre to create a furious and powerful knock out of an album.

Unleashing their first full length consisting completely of new material since 2011, the Brazilian trio have clearly poured their blood, sweat and tears into Forged in Fury, as the album is quite the intense and captivating listen. The level of energy in the album is ridiculously high throughout, with Max Kolesne unleashing an array of beautifully thunderous beats. One could possibly argue that the level of speed on Forged in Fury is almost on par with Carcass’ 1993 classic Heartwork at points. Krisiun have also clearly drawn influence from genre pioneers Death on certain tracks, as certain solo’s and riffs are not dissimilar from the late great Chuck’s.

Forged in Fury is a complete tour de force of an album. Every track, with the exception of the closing number Milonga De La Meurte, ( a delightful 53 second acoustic number) is a fast tour de force of an album with every member almost trying to outdo each other in terms of technicality. Ways of Barbarism is guaranteed to whip up quite the explosive pit and Dogma of Submission is such an invigorating and infectious anthem, with a delightfully sophisticated solo and a bloody catchy riff.

One slight criticism with Forged in Fury is that apart from final track Milonga De La Meurte, there is a distinct lack of variety between each song. Yes the album is a juggernaut of tech – death joys charging at you at full speed, however it is difficult to tell when one song ends and another begins as every track on the album merges into one, resulting in the listener’s attention swaying at points.

Krisiun have done a brilliant job on Forged in Fury. Those who love both the intricate and intense elements of death metal are in for a treat, as the album is filled to the brim with fast, aggressive brutality with well crafted, technical elements from start to finish. This is an album that will both delight existing fans of Krisiun and attract new ones with its explosive and powerful vibe. If you like your death metal uncompromisingly fast and groovy, then Forged in Fury is the perfect album for you.

(7/10 Eilish Foxen)