CocksureApparently the release date of this is a year to the day after debut Cocksure album TVAMSLV came out but in this time the industrialist duo have gone and sneaked out 2 more shorter releases via different labels one of them the legendary Wax Trax. I think it is fair to look on this as their second album and before we go further into the music itself I should mention the team behind this project which is Chris Connelly from RevCo, Ministry, Pigface and a host of other bands and solo projects along with Jason C. Novak of Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack and Czar (none of which I am actually au fait with.) The last album was one that I described as being more in line with the Revolting Cocks than anything the now reactivated and changed format of the band have done since circa 1993 album ‘Linger Ficken Good’ so naturally I was keen to hear what they have done now and found myself in quite a comfortable place on the very first listen.

Starting off with ‘Porno Drones’ samples, noise and funky beats pile out the speakers and get your body popping straight away. This is brash and upfront and it makes you want to bounce around to it. Connelly backs the music up vocally keeping up with the speed of things and coming close to rapping his parts out along to the ballsy melody. Apparently the title track was originally done by Australian band Severed Heads who have stacks of material to their name. Not heard the original but this version is very EBM along with the early touch of RevCo. So again it sounds a lot like the natural development of that particular band as it bristles and electronically stomps about. The BPM count goes up with the moody sounding ‘Hustler Face’ this has a touch of dark ambient about it too, all mixed up and sounding really tripped out with a good dose of what sounds like classic Skinny Puppy acting as a backbone. Connelly’s Scottish brogue comes in and infects it all and you as the song builds to a dynamically repeated chorus getting right under the skin. The album is littered with interesting electronica but occasionally the noises are met with more traditional metallic sounds such as some excellent thick rattling bass on ‘Kollider Scope.’ I reckon that live this is going to sound pretty immense and if you are getting the chance to see them later this month at Infest or their London Electrowerkz show you are probably going to get rattled and shaken all over the dance-floor. I really like ‘OCD,’ it all sounds like everything is perfectly in place in the mix and is a real jump up and down on the spot of a number

‘Cold Dick’ is an interesting name for a track, the first thing that strikes about it is that it starts off sounding a bit like classic Grandmaster Flash choon White Lines but rather than not doing them, the chaos on this one sounds like a good old toot up the nostrils has been partaken in as it giddily rolls and rides roughshod all over the shop. We ‘watch the skies’ and go all out to space on ‘Razor Invader’ and yeah as I sort of mentioned this album has a very druggy sort of feel to it but I think it’s more to do with the hallucinatory sounds that it exudes more than anything else over the ten tracks and there is plenty going on here throughout to capture your attention even those of us with a touch of OCD! Finishing off with what sounds like a train careening down the tracks on ‘Hi Talez’ (which seems to have LSD and cigarettes as its menu) it all ends in a suitably frantic style and this is a Corporate Sting that’s guaranteed to leave a mark. I best keep an ear out for them sneaking any extra releases out through the back door but there’s a lot you can find yourself via their official pages.

(8/10 Pete Woods)