PartyWith a name like Party Canon, one could easily think that you would be presented with some sugar and spice pop punk band, ready to sing about the joys of proms, milkshakes and some old shite. However what you are instead presented with is the finest and heaviest slam to emerge from Scotland for a very long time!

Hailing from the town of Dunfermline, Party Canon consist of five rather jolly young men who have produced an album which is quite frankly an invigorating kick in the tits. Despite calling themselves Slam, Bong Hit Hospitalisation has so much more to offer than just your standard, run of the mill slam album. Opting for hilarious song titles and samples from Peep Show and Ali G In Da House (which make a nice change from samples about serial killers) Party Canon have fused the perfect mix of slam’s intensity and groove and death metals speed and ferocity to create an absolute corker of an album.

Even with getting off to a stereotypically slamming start on opening track Russian Zombie Smack (Krokodil), with plenty of intense breakdowns and infectious riffs, the album quickly descends into a very fast and very brutal onslaught of delight. Yes, its slam, but it’s so much more than your standard selection of pig squeals, gore and slow as humanly possible breakdowns. Jack vs The Exotic Crustacean is heavy as hell, with some tasty blast beats and a strong Devourment vibe to it, There’s a Reason You’re Single has plenty of refreshing, unconventional breakdowns and Battle of the Spidermen! is a violently brutal death metal number with some thunderous riffs.

Bong Hit Hospitalisation’s real show stopper however has to be Interested is not The Word. This ferocious track is easily the Jagerbomb of the album, containing hench grooves and sheer stomping brilliance throughout. With the vast amounts of groove and energy, Party Canon’s enthusiasm for their music is especially evident here.

Bong Hit Hospitalisation is a speeding juggernaut of an album. With distinct undertones of the likes of Devourment, Gorerotted and even Bloodbath in there at points, this is as a release that is guaranteed to impress all fans of both slam and death metal. This is a band who have mastered the art of taking their music, but not themselves seriously, as Bong Hit Hospitalisation is chunk of hilarious brilliance from start to finish.

(9/10 Eilish Foxen)