DestruktorOof you’re kind of asking for ‘harsh criticism’ calling your album Opprobrium but luckily we all like a bit of cranium wrecking barbarism from labels like Hell’s Headbangers especially when it’s shat out by an underground war machine like Australian band Destruktor. You should really know just what to expect from this their second album too just by the cover art showing winged demons revelling in front of a hung pope and other religious figureheads, a short sharp and somewhat shockingly blasphemous rite which hits you right between the eyes over a no fat 34 minutes running time.

This lot formerly known as Aphasia are mainly about a fast uncouth and primitive battery but occasionally let their feet off the pedal and indeed a doom like groove opens up things on ‘Priestiality’ (clever title) before the trio flail in with some cleaving and remorseless musicianship and beastly howling vocals. It’s going to induce whiplash keeping up with things and it’s a solid exercise in deathly black thrashing. Drums are clattering and almost trip over themselves, guitars scythe hell for leather and the vocals are snarly and full on. There’s a bit of a punkish backbone to things and it bounces away with a meaty sound behind it all, violent and punishing. The gospel continues and is a particularly horny one that those who love their Australian savagery will particularly find themselves in favour of. Some bass work and a meandering solo furrow headily in the clattering cauldron that is ‘Besieged and it gives the drummer a slight breathing space before he sends blasts raining back down on us like scud missiles.

Destruktor do tend to favour proffering a sense of impending doom at the start of their songs as ‘Tyrant Condemnation’ proves but just as you start getting used to things, it all speeds up and volleys away. Surprisingly there is a lot of melody within things and indeed this one settles down to a mid-paced groove laden number but it’s still suitably sharp and ultimately vicious with it. There’s nothing subtle about ‘Immaculate Deception’ though and this one rattles off the rails giving a good black thrash workout from beginning to end complete with a rasped out cry of “Satan” in the middle.

There’s only seven tracks here and it Destruktor do a great job of making everything tight and well co-ordinated. Surprisingly I found this a fair bit more accessible than I was expecting but then again it is stylistically a dose of speed and an adrenaline rush that anyone who listens to this sort of thing should be more than comfortable with. Best track here is probably ‘Blood Poisoning’ it really spreads beneath the veins and is quite contagious as it gallops along. There’s some cheeky Slayer sounding riffs on ‘Eradication’ which after dispensed does pretty much what’s suggested. Last number ‘Forever The Blood Shall Flow’ sees the band managing to stretch things to a full 9 minutes too and proves they can craft some neat atmosphere before bludgeoning you senseless. Destruktor don’t really deliver any huge surprises but Opprobrium is a solid album that’s designed to wreck your neck, what’s not to like?

(7.5/10 Pete Woods)