DeiphagoThey’re manic, satanic and listening could put you in a panic. Yep everyone’s favourite Filipino Antichrist’s are back with their fourth full length album Into The Eye Of Satan. It’s been a few years since Satan Alpha Omega and the good news is that they have not changed their method of attack in the slightest. In fact bolstered with a chunky Colin Marston production it’s a downright vicious beast of an album that is likely to leave you needing exorcising to get over it. Deiphago are one of the most uncompromising bands out there and everything they do is dedicated to their dark lord and master and they fling you down the left hand path in such a serious fashion that if they were not so extreme and underground would probably have the moral crusaders banging on about banning their unchristian stance. Much the same way as the likes of Inquisition though they manage to stay completely under the radar and are far too unknown to be a threat to the masses.

I love the way they set things up with their intro here ‘Obliteration’ is akin to a devilish orchestra tuning up to unleash disharmony and the effect is completely dreadful in palpable atmosphere heralding on the explosion to come. When it does in the form of ‘Evil And Adverse’ with drums booming in and guitars gearing up to unleash a hellstorm it knocks you completely flat on your arse. This is an absolute racket that many would not be able to consider music in the slightest. Those of us who dig deep will however be flung into the pits and enjoy the process as the chaos unfolds. Voltaire 666 barks and yaps out his vocals and it’s quite difficult to pick up exactly what his sermon is exactly but the word “Satan’ comes kicking and screaming out of things with regularity and you could easily try downing a shot every time you hear the word spat out but will probably need a very strong constitution and more than one bottle at your disposal.

This time around they have a secret weapon at their disposal which adds to the crazed chaotic flow of their music. I would imagine it is probably Marston that is responsible for its addition and he that is possibly playing the saxophone but it spirals away in the midst of many of the songs adding a red mist of crazed activity to it all that’s just as dizzying as the super-fast playing from the already nutty trio at its midst. Particularly potent on Bloodbath Of Genocide although at first it leaves you somewhat perplexed and even more befuddled than normal at the bands stance it does also make perfect sense when you get used to it as it billows out the speakers in a solo flurry. (6 6 6) /3 ties everything together, the moody sax peel in this slows the track down momentarily as it trills away but the central blasting from Savnok and mental technical guitar solos from Sidapa see the band at fever pitch unleashing their craziest lunacy ever.

‘Serpentine Anti World’ is doomier and allows the musicianship to have somewhat more depth to it, well as it’s not quite so in your face at first it’s easier to identify. Then a rattling punky bass groove adds meat and it all gallops off again, lurching and juddering all over the place. ‘Calculated Acts Of Cruelty’ actually has something that resembles a chorus in it and it’s one of the albums heaviest hitting numbers with a crusty feel about it as well as some vocal contortions that with some weird effect howl like a beast in a tornado.  If you want to tackle the lyrical dynamic in more detail you can check out the lyric video of ‘Red Dragon Of Chaos’ and attempt to sing along yourself to Voltaire 666’s rapid fire vocal approach. ‘Satan’ count may be a disappointing nine but then again there’s plenty more names for the demonic one hollered out in it.  The album may only hit the 35 minute mark but I have as with their others found that just makes it ideal for repeated listens and this one has been blasted out a lot. The more I hear the sax parts the more I like them too and wonder what effect playing this to a laid back King Crimson fan would have, it would no doubt tip them straight over the edge and with them Deiphago have even managed to out crazy even Shining Norway and Sigh. Great stuff!

(8/10 Pete Woods)