Cannibal-Crematorium-CoverThe names ‘Kam Lee’ & ‘Rogga Johansson’ crop up a lot in the death metal business. Both gents practically drip in death metal cred and when you see their names attached to a project it tends to be a guarantee that whatever it’s called, you’re gonna want to hear it.

The first Bone Gnawer album, 2009’s ‘Feast Of Flesh’ was a shot in the arm for the death metal scene. Bone Gnawer brought hooks and catchy riffs back to death metal in a way that had been lacking for some time. Their blend of old school Swedeath & Autopsy was highly addictive and the disc spent ages on rotation in these parts. They followed that with a couple of splits and EPs (including a belter with Jock DM loons Bonesaw) and now we have the long awaited (by me anyway) second full length LP ‘Cannibal Crematorium’.

Much changed? No not really….and that’s a good thing obviously….. no Morbid Angel style fuckuppetry here. No, the lads are still churning out the quality hook laden death metal in the same catchy style with plenty of groove.

Songs like ‘Modern Day Cannibal’, ‘Chainsaw Carnage’ and ‘Carnivore Beneath’ show that we’re still all about a bit of ‘Trap Them & Kill Them’ style human buffet action and Kam’s vocal growl still scares the shit out of you. He certainly gives the impression he’d quite like to be chowing down on your innards – still my favourite DM singer! Rogga has ducked out of this release however (probably busy with his 758 other bands) so all guitar and bass work is handled by Ronnie Bjornstrom with Morgan Lie (Naglfar) once again on the drums. Kam’s called in some favours too and there’s ample ‘guest’ appearances on the album from the likes of Acheron’s Vincent Crowley and Benediction / Down Among The Dead Men’s Dave Ingram to name but two.

The whole album flows really well and the solid production makes the drums sound like they’re gonna cave your skull in and the riffs flay your flesh from the bones.

Death metal to eat your neighbours by. Oooh & if you fancy it check out the uber limited gatefold vinyl versions….

(9/10 Mark Eve)