UndeadThis 7” vinyl turned up a couple of weeks ago and I really found information about the band’s origins difficult to come by. They are represented on the internet well enough but were not up on metal archives that I could see (searching for a metal band called Undead is a bit of a needle in a haystack exercise) and I really need to know where they came from wondering if it was the UK where their record was posted from. Now with them up on the aforementioned site I can see that this Undead are actually split between Spain and the UK and are a relatively new act with this being their first offering.

The title track broods in with some guitar work that reminds quite a bit of Entombed getting their horror on before moving into some faster, gnarly and venomous death metal with lots of chops about it. Vocals from V Repulse rasp away and are just about decipherable with some nice elongated parts to them as things are spewed out. The melody here is pretty good as things go into a mid-paced canter and the drumming is nice and hefty. At full gallop it doesn’t quite tear your head off but comes close and it goes to a neat gravid raspy conclusion with just a touch of doom about it. The B) side ‘Evil Spirits’ shreds in with a very old school feel about it and charges away but after a good throaty “urgggh” from the vocals slows momentarily before running out of control with a bit of well-coordinated chaos in its midst and then a real doom laden passage before the final assault.

It’s under 8 minutes worth of music so kind of difficult to get a full appreciation of the band or anything but this sounds like a very promising start to things for Undead. They should be aware of the fact that they share their name with many others though and hopefully they also should have sent one of the 333 copies of this to Mr Nagell because if it gets the Fenriz seal of approval the word will definitely spread. Meanwhile you can stream it at the link below.

(7/10 Pete Woods)