Psychomancer_-_Inject_the_Worms_CoverNot exactly busy boys, Psychomancer. Their first demo was released in 1999 and since then we’ve had just two full lengths in 2001 (Si-Ko-Man-Sur) & 2007 (Butchered). This 6 track EP though is a right little cracker and if it’s a taster of things to come then the wait will be worth it.

Once past the frankly shite cover art (it’s like they got the dude that did ‘Slowly We Rot’, cut his fingers off and made him paint it again with the lights off) you have six tracks of primo quality nasty and brutal thrashing death.

Opener ‘In Shackles Insane’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Blending some old school death metal chops with a liberal dash of grind. Brad & Curtis’ guitar work is impressive throughout the EP with some pummelling and catchy riffing which brings to mind early Cannibal Corpse brutality and ‘Terrible Certainty’ era Kreator when they hit the gas, and when the pedal goes down Corey Blackstad is earning overtime behind the kit. No clicky triggers here mate, just a really organic blast fest with Duston Bullards’ werewolf barks over the top of it. Great stuff.

Title track ‘Inject The Worms’ features a sinister melody at the start of the song which soon turns into a tasty chug fest before blast off…..”no one gives a fuck about you”….. nice!

‘Bastards Burn’ is like the best song Six Feet Under never wrote….(and to be fair, probably couldn’t) .  ‘Abhorrent Wings Of Decay’ has an acoustic intro (nothing tarty – think ‘Choir Of The Damned off ‘Pleasure To Kill’)  then develops into a six minute carefully layered death metal epic. Closer ‘Chant Of The War Demons’ slams the door with enough force to take it off its hinges.

I can’t recommend this EP highly enough. Six tracks – all killer. If you like a bit of catchiness to your brutality then buy it. You’ll be well pleased.

(9/10 Mark Eve)