FeralThe old school Swedish death metal clans have multiplied quicker than rats in recent years but that doesn’t stop them from pumping out album after album. Whilst a few manage to tower over others in terms of innovation, Feral, whilst strong, struggle to scramble their way to the light at the end of the sewer.

Blending a mixture of both retro obviousness and modern attempts from the likes of Bloodbath, the band’s second full length ‘Where Dead Dreams Dwell’ ticks all the boxes when it comes to rusty, groove laden riffs and a brutal chug from start to finish. The formula is consistent and powerful with ‘As The Feast Begins’ and ‘Mass Resurrection’ slowing things down for a more Asphyx vibe but it certainly isn’t for long enough to attract a more doom favouring crowd.

‘Suffering Torment’ and ‘The Crawler’ are catchy in terms of rhythm and low growling vocals but not catchy enough to be stuck in your head once your phone shuffles to a Dismember or Entrails album with no moments of distinction from the rest. Feral take the left hand path and create a stunning homage to the genre but with little in terms of originality it feels like another filler for another festival line up and once you get past that, you’re bound to just bathe in the filth like you do with the rest of your record collection.

(6/10 Lily Randall)