WarfaithThis is a French thrash band, although to my mind this isn’t thrash as I would normally categorise as being so. It’s very modern, very nineties and noughties, it has aggressive “core” vocals, a few riffs here and there that take influence from the post thrash of Machine Head, to the riffing of Pantera via the heads down assault that many young bands have in recent times graced the stages with (such as the UK’s Denounce).

In any case, you have some heavy tracks, but they have a touch of learning still to do. When rare stand out solos appear, they are a little disjointed and a little sloppy. However, towards the end of the release this starts to really make its mark. ‘Warslave’, ‘Addiction’ and the closer ‘Redemption’ all sound the more learned, they all sound tighter. Groove is an element, Sllipknot’s early stuff springs to mind actually which confirms to me that Warfaith sound like they have a definite 90’s/00’s influence as mentioned earlier.

All in all, it’s a solid effort, but rough around the edges, clearly there is an eager band willing to blow out your speakers, but the style is a touch out of date and that’s a rather overcrowded area to be associated with I feel based on the number of bands plying this style, I still have yet to find a stand out leader. ‘Wise Man Is Dead’ is a touch sporadic for lyrical content that is musically heavy and mixes a couple of styles that certainly keeps you alert, but don’t expect major ingenuity.

(6/10 Paul Maddison)