TonyMillsTony Mill’s is probably best known as the ex-TNT vocalist, although this Midland’s born singer has also spent some time with Shy and Serpentine, and if you search hard enough, there’s some guesting for Cerebral Fix too via his initial start in punk scene. This is a hard edged album and with Tony’s class leading vocal style and presentation, you are in very good company here, and to match his style, the music is typically epic in places too whilst under the ever expansive umbrella of hard rock and metal.

Musically, there’s a crossover between what I would call progressive and AOR, except the current release, more so the last few Queensryche efforts, the undertone rooted in AOR styled melodic metal with gold edged production and mixing. Highlights stand out quite easily here, categorized as real rockers or softer moments. For the rockers, this is where the progressive metal comes through with the likes of ‘Time Won’t Wait’ and ‘No Love Lost’. ‘Bitter Suite’ may serve as a difference of opinion to listeners as would ‘Somewhere in London’, but when they are turned up loud, this album hits the spot. Orchestral moments that appear on one track (‘We Should Be On By Now’) may remind some listeners of the stellar song writers Queen, there are moments where comparisons clearly collide.

‘Over My Dead Body’ is a very easy album to listen too, Tony’s vocals are spectacular, melodies with other band members are all wholesome and effortless, whilst the harder faster rock out with your bits out tunes help solidify an album that is overall a concept based upon Mills’ harrowing experience and touring schedule and I kid you not, his death and resuscitation in Oslo. This is his fourth solo release, the formula works, you can tell with this album, it’s a solid rocker for those who desire a little more thought in their music, its personal too with such a personal message, but more so it’s a touch heavier than previous works that cross the boundaries of metal, hard rock and AOR with solid results.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)