SpawnedIt’s relatively safe to say that any band heralding from the heavy metal capital of the world (Birmingham obviously), can be approached with an air of sunny optimism. This air of optimism is not wasted on Brutal Death lads Spawned from Hate, one of the UK’s most promising death metal acts.

With the release of their second EP Accelerated Butchery last month, Spawned From Hate’s unique and intense brand of brutality is guaranteed not to disappoint. The band have clearly drawn influence from genre heavyweights such as Suffocation, Gorgasm and Skinless, as the EP possesses that American Death groove to it. Especially vocalist Dan Phipps, who sounds eerily like Frank Mullen throughout the EP.
Title track Accelerated Butchery is an invigorating slab of unadulterated death metal that will satisfy all fans of the genre. The track has some minor traces of slam in amongst its hench grooves, however nothing too clunky and overwhelming, as the band maintain the distinct brutal death rhythm on the EP.

One of the EP’s most prominent qualities throughout is its sheer, extreme energy. Both Filth and Deceit are compelling listens that channel Spawned from Hate’s vibrant raw, unpolished dynamism brilliantly. Deceit especially packs a mighty wallop, with some distinct Prostitute Disfigurement vibes to it. Both tracks are also filled to the brim with simple yet infectious riffs, which are a (if not the) key ingredient in any death metal concoction.

Spawned from Hate prove that they’re not one trick ponies on Force Fed, a song full of such speed and intensity that it would not look out of place on a grindcore album. The track possesses dark and aggressive undertones of almost Nails proportions at points, with some nice variety on the vocal front too to keep listeners on their toes.

Closing track Intravenous Violation is an absolute stomping monstrosity of a song which is both vicious and intense throughout, as guitarist Scott Smith continues to inject some colossal, groove laden riffs into the track. The Spawned from Hate Lads have definitely saved the best to last with this song, as Intravenous Violation is easily the most powerful of all the tracks on the EP.
Accelerated Butchery is a thoroughly enjoyable release, combining the speed and vivaciousness of grindcore with the groove and energy of death metal. This is an EP that’s definitely worth a listen for those who like their extreme metal at the groovy and gnarly end of the spectrum.

(7/10 Eiliesh Foxen)