RevoltingOld Rogga Johansson’s a busy bloke. This must be the third album in as many months I’ve had through that he’s played on and he makes Shane Embury look like a bit of a lazy bastard.

This is their fifth full length and follows three years after the last album ‘Hymns Of The Ghastly Horror’. As with all the Revolting albums it’s a total face melting riff bonanza of old school Swedeath

Just over half an hour long  ‘Visages Of The Unspeakable’ s eight tracks blast by  in a flurry of straight to the point, no messing, heads down death metal. Obviously Rogga is a wicked guitar player but his vocal performance on this is spot on too. There’s not a lot of variety on display here however and because of this the songs can sound a bit samey so it’s hard to pick out any stand out tracks but it is well played and never dull.

‘Fathoms Unto Forever’ has a tasty fast and brutal first half before slowing things down with a piano interlude alters the pace & structure and the tune reminds me a bit of early Paradise Lost.

The 8-bit game console sounding intro to ‘Riddled With Worms’ makes you sit up and think wtf is going on before the electronic bleeps turn to guitar riffage and that’s probably my fave track here with the best riff on the record.

‘Visages Of the Unspeakable’ is a good record, with no bullshit, filler or frills. Pure death metal that I’d definitely recommend taking a punt on.

(7/10 Mark Eve)