KorpiklaaniFinnish folk boozers Korpiklaani started out in 1993 under the name of ‘Shamaani Duo’ then later as ‘Shaman’ however this name was also that of a Brazilian metal band so they changed It again to ‘Korpiklaani’ meaning “Clan of the Wilderness”. With an impressive 8 albums under their belt including my personal fave ‘Tales Along This Road” (2006). Now in 2015 their ninth release ‘Noita’ is here. Have they still got that magic for the ninth time?

Looking at the track listings I’m a little disappointed to see no English tracks on here such as their previous classics “Vodka” and “ Happy Little Boozer” Either way I’m going to give it a listen and hope for something in return for this..

Starting with ‘Viinamaen Mies’ the only recognisable language on this is the “Hey, hey, hey’ chants. That aside, there’s still that growly voice of Jonne Jarvela and of course lots of accordion and violins,. however, considering it’s the first track on the album its falling a little bland and flat.

Luckily, there’s something quite catchy about ‘Pilli On Pajusta’, the jiggy music and the fast guitar riffs are a little special, then again, ‘Lempo’ puts another nail in the coffin, its dull and dreary and I even thought about doing some housework. I must have been bored!

Hold on to your hats though!!! ‘Sahti’ may not be a breakthrough track but it’s got plenty of ‘Happy Little Boozer’ style riffs and it is getting me bopping about, past the middle section the accordion starts its own little solo whilst the music goes faster. Quite impressive and sure to be a crowd pleasure at festivals. Following on with the faster pace with ‘Luontoni’ and I’ll be honest, it’s okay, but at this point I’m saddened to think they’ve lost their charm.

‘Jouni jouni’ sounds to me like a Finnish version of Billy Idol’s Money Money, however even Google translate isn’t sure of it and I’m still on the lookout here for a track that’s going to make everything okay, or at least give them a bit of a compliment.

As I’m listening to each track thereafter I’m waiting for something amazing. So then there’s the end track ‘Sen Verran Minakin Noita’ okay, not spectacular but it’s got something there with the almost black metal riffs and and, and…. achh….. who am I kidding… it’s a racket!

Seriously a little heartbroken to give this only a 2/10 as I’m quite a fan but this album offers not much in the way of their previous albums, a lot of boredom. I’m sure they’ll still be big at Wacken etc. but they’ve lost a bit of a fan over here.

(2/10 Charlene Rance)