discreation_procreation-of-the-wretched_coverThis German death metal troop have been recording for some time, this is my first experience of them and in true FDA Rekotz label fashion, this has end result that is a touch special! If you take the heritage of both sides of the pond, i.e. European and US death metal, you have similarity to Discreation. The European part reminds me of many Vader releases, the better ones that is, the US influence comes with the obvious Florida natives and trailblazers, but not strictly limited to that state. Combine that with a modern recording that thunders out of your sound system, there’s much to shout about in terms of this album.

You are immediately rewarded by a couple of tracks that give you such a short sharp shock, then progress to the awesome ‘Megacorpse’, now here is something truly entertaining. This has real power, the kick drum annihilation and the break part way through to catch your breath, is special. The European side of the coin is represented on the album title track ‘Procreation of the Wicked’. There’s a touch of HM2 pedal Swedish heaviness, kind of a mix of Vomitory and Unleashed as on this track Discreation’s vocalist Kai Müller-Lenz gives a real gut wrenching sermon here. The reason I think this is a cool release is because there is so much variation within a similar theme, played with precision. ‘Corporate Hatred’ starts out tame and doesn’t sound like anything like earlier songs on the album, but then it all comes into place as the track plays out. The main groove hits, then when the vocals kicks in, that’s where this power I have been talking about earlier becomes the master. The art of mixing furious blasting death metal with a touch of groove old school Scandinavian style death metal is a masterstroke of talent that only a limited few bands can pull off, it’s no issue here for Discreation.

If you are looking for an all-round death metal release, then you have found it, it covers all bases, including a great piece of cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano (known for artwork by Revel in Flesh, Bombs of Hades, Avulsed, Portrait, Paganizer etc… – the list is very extensive).

‘Procreation of the Wretched’ is an essential death metal release.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)