UndeadOooooh mystery!

The description of this secretive 5-piece  on Facebook says ‘The lights of a legend faded in time. Our duty is to revive this dark neglected flame. We are back from the dead, among the living, among you, confide you what we are: The Death’

And that is about all I know about them. I rang round some faces in the European death metal scene to see if they had any idea who was involved in this project and was met with a resounding ‘no idea’… almost too resounding, like they’d been sworn to secrecy. Their website isn’t much help either…. five blokes in cloaks!  I can’t even tell you what country they are from, but what I can tell you is that they hammer out some of the finest mid period Death inspired death metal you’re ever likely to hear. No pig squealing slam nonsense here, just pure and proper death fuckin’ metal!

As well as Death another obvious influence is Obituary….in fact the singer sounds like he was created in some Tardy / Schuldiner  gene splicing project! Authentic as fuck this is a noxious blend of ‘Spiritual Healing’ & ‘The End Complete’. Technical in places, progressive in others but always aggressive and never, ever ‘wafty’!

This is no tribute act though. These songs are super memorable with some killer solos and an abundance of razor sharp riffing with some super catchy, groove laced arrangements. Certainly everything I look for in a death metal album alongside a massive production that while not making everything sound clinical, ensures you can hear exactly what’s going on.

40 minutes and 8 songs of real death metal that, if you’re a bit of an old git like me will put a big grin on your face. Well recommended!

(8/10 Mark Eve)