SkatSplitNope I am not faint hearted or easily offended and I can play cassettes. Well that’s a bonus as the result was that I had one of 40 limited tapes of this split C20 red speckled cassette with Skat Injector and Nekrokyrpä going head to head on it, winging its way to me. This really is about as harsh and deranged as music (for want of a better word can get). If you were comparing it to a film, the likes of Flowers Of Flesh And Blood would be too tame, this is more like the equivalent of the Gusomilk collection and I really wouldn’t advise the unwary to look that up! Unlike those projections of utter depravity I was able to sit through this audio nightmare a few times no doubt helped by the fact that it is only 10 minutes or so a side. I can’t say that it has been an easy task though but at least I have survived the ordeal. Time to venture forth into the Mung Dungeon once more.

Skat Injector were not unknown to me as I have encountered their brand of very sick and twisted filth both at underground gabba nights and more recently via a split 7” with Ireland’s Drugzilla. The London based collective spew out seven bursts of caustic digital shit with titles such as ‘Chat Room Predator’ ‘Rats Through The Speculum’ and ‘Deep Throat Bulimia.’ You couldn’t call them songs, in fact they are more like uncoordinated bombs going off and causing mass destruction and chaos. The likes of GG Allin and GGFH don’t even come close to these unmitigated blasts of sonic diarrhoea and it’s not particularly easy to even describe what I am listening to. Where they get their samples like “its reckless talk like that, that gets young women raped” which starts this off is beyond me, it kind of sounds like it could be Rik Mayall in the Young Ones but perhaps in a different universe. From there what sounds like a distorted road drill going through human flesh along with Donald Duck quacking vocally and occasional video game effects make up first track ‘Phantom Prowler’ and don’t be concerned this is not going to be a track by track review. Most sane people would have either jumped out the window or taken the tape out and set in on fire by now; luckily sanity does not run in my family. From there we are bombed with long throbbing pulses, deranged squealing effects-ridden vocals and a heaving mass of layered sounds. Talk about ‘human shit’ is sampled and you can’t really say there are no flies on this as it sounds like they are swarming everywhere and chowing down on steaming rancid piles of runny brown stuff. Nothing has a tune it’s just bursts of adrenaline fuelled chaos, gabba beats don’t even quite take any semblance of form but sonic manipulations just hit erratic BPM’s which fly off all over the shop, there’s even a burst of someone running fingers down a piano thrown in with it all. The purveyors of all this, Zara Skumshot, Carrie Clitter, & Flange Magnus (for those interested) have really outdone themselves here, this goes beyond the likes of Whitehouse by a square country mile. If you ears could vomit into your brain that’s exactly what they would have done here!

Let’s move on to the more delicate ambient strains of Finland’s Nekrokyrpä. Nope I am joking apart from all but the fact they are indeed very filthy Finns. They do describe their use of samples as being sensual though and in line with what we hear from them this is more in line with pornogrind aesthetically but again musically they are almost impossible to categorise. They manage to inject the tape with 11 syringes of horribleness all titles in own language which I am not going to try and decipher (the likes of Spermaa Saatanalle can no doubt be worked out). Its bass heavy and rumbling with drums taking up the main frame, sirens and samples going off and rancid screams and shrieks being splurged out in an uncoordinated mess. In fact at times it sounds like someone is throwing up and everyone is just hitting things as hard as they can. There’s not so much electronic emphasis as I can make out but this is probably all done on machinery as seriously it’s hard to believe anyone can actually play this badly (that’s actually not a diss). Fukkktrol and Nekrogoblin the errr musicians may by name hark back to the Finnish legends of yore that have spilled into popular music but this sounds more like our loveable Finntroll and the likes being put into a massive industrial blender and served up as  bone and brain flavoured milk shakes. This probably makes no sense but believe you me, try even thinking straight whilst listening to this. For those that think that they can handle absolutely anything, even this, and want to push themselves harder I discovered on the bands homepage (see below) a link to 5 of their videos and realised that you can actually play them all at once! Marvellous.

(Lots of big skid marks out of 10)