BlindhazeNow fully ready and willing for our critique and marching forward out of the starting blocks with a pack of 20 and a case of special brew, Blind Haze are from Leeds, UK and features  ex-members of another Yorkshire riff machine Asomvel. Blind Haze are Conan on Vocals/Bass, Joe Clements on Guitar and Jason Hope on Drums (also of Bong Cauldron).

This is a 3 track effort, the one that sticks out in my mind immediately is ‘On Thin Ice’ as this has a phenomenal bass line that’s pretty meaty in the mix when you crank the volume up to ear damage level. There are obvious comparisons to Venom, Motorhead and to my mind Orange Goblin in places (the groovy element), a truly British affair typical of no romance, just a slap up fish and chip supper. Gritty, dirty, filthy…you got to love it. ‘Take a Look around You’ is more straight ahead hard rock n roll, whereas ‘The Quick or the Damned’ is a touch faster, a highly combustible laced track peppered with Alco-fuel of whatever brand/type. The music is simple, its explosive, but it works. I love the solo drum beat part way through, then the added bass line, then the complete works when the guitar kicks in before the solo, a damn fine way of creating atmosphere.

Blind Haze are a one to watch you filthy animals, embrace the energy, enjoy the buzz, head over to bandcamp and get these tracks for less than the price of a pint* (*regional variations apply).

(8/10 Paul Maddison)