ObitA pinch and a punch for the first of the month is more than likely to occur tonight, as the pits and aggression expected from a death metal entity such as Obituary is a force not to be reckoned with and with the show moved to the larger venue after originally being planned for The Underworld, it’s all systems go.

The death metal debauchery is in full swing from the beginning of the evening with UK’s own Rotting Repugnancy creating the gore-riddled atmosphere everyone in the Ballroom is here to inhale. Their brutal death metal is the perfect starter for the evening, showcasing last year’s debut ‘Path of the Diminished’ to an already half full floor and though they don’t quite get the response wished for, it’s likely this is only due to those in the audience saving their energy for later, as the quartet embody everything desired and are likely to get several more great support slots in the coming year.

Despite being a slightly different choice for the evening’s line up, Dust Bolt’s energetic, Teutonic thrash goes down an absolute storm. Taking influence from greats such as Kreator and Destruction and adding a modern twist akin to the likes of Warbringer, their speedy riffs from ‘Awake The Riot’ do just that and heads are banging along in unison.

M:Pire of Evil may have started back in 2010 and made a name for themselves on record with two full lengths but live it’s safe to say the band rely majorly on the fact they were both in that band you might have heard of, Venom. Mantas and Demolition Man, joined on stage by live drummer Francesco La Rosa only showcase three of their own songs during a set that otherwise is just a Venom tribute sing-along. Not that we can really complain when the likes of ‘Black Metal’, ‘Welcome To Hell’ and ‘Countess Bathory’ are played.

By the time Obituary’s stage is lit up in red, the audience is swelling around the whole venue and as soon as the band kicks in, the madness commences. The Floridian legends last album ‘Inked In Blood’ was proof that they hadn’t lost their touch and unlike with many bands, it’s a pleasure to hear them exhibiting so much of the new stuff.  Opening with ‘Centuries of Lies’ and ‘Visions in my Head’ so strongly shows just how seamlessly the recent album continues the death metal legacy created for over 25 years and with Jon Tardy’s memorable raspy vocals, the anguish is spat across the front of the crowd. Obituary don’t need gimmicks or small talk to make the night a special one and classics such as ‘Don’t Care’ and ‘Slowly We Rot’ are fuelled with speed and fury without losing the tightness heard on record. With an extra bonus drum solo from Donald Tardy and a true appreciation from both band and fans, London can only hope Obituary will return again soon and maybe they’ll need an even bigger venue.

(Lily Randall)