GraveyardThis 6 track EP is the third offering from the Swedish trio comprising of Rogga Johansson on bass, guitars and vocals; Grave guitarist Mika Lagrén and drummer Jocke Ringdahl from Sinners Burn. The project is a rather brash black, death, thrash metal outfit that has vocals can vary from cheesy high pitched screams ala Zimmer’s Hole to low guttural roars with plenty of gravelly rasping in-between.

A quick guitar squeal is followed by pounded drums as they head “Out To Feed” in a frenzy of rapid riffs that are accompanied by the abrasive vocals, while the tempo on “Giant Of The Undead” is quite a bit faster with plenty of tapping on the cymbals to show this is the case.

“Infernal Catacombs” has a bit more of a groove going for it as the guitars play long drawn out notes to the complement of the manic drumming and steady rhythm riff. The vocals go from raspy black metal grunts to screeching wails that could shatter glasses.

“Screams In The Night” is thankfully a rather short song, as it assaults your ears in much the same way the title would. Its blistering pace and quickly changing thrash riffs race to the end to save a little of Rogga’s throat as he hacks out the vocals.

Unfortunately the conversation in Swedish at the beginning of “Learn To Burn” is lost on me, but the song itself is heavy and groove laden reminding me a little of early Forbidden, until the vocals start and change the tone to something far nastier, but returning to the melodic sound straight after.

“Feeding Of The Hellhounds” is bit of a white and other noise outro.

So all in all it’s not a bad little taster of what the band are able to perform, and I personally find it very rough around the edges which is exactly the point they are going for. No frills, no fuss, just balls out aggression and anger.

(6/10  Marco Gaminara)